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One click to export Xing search jobs result, Save to CSV, Excel and JSON file.

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A smart tool to extract Xing Jobs Search result into a CSV file.

Extract up to 50,000 Xing Jobs

Extract job apply url and company info

Save as CSV / EXCEL / JSON format

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As a recruiter, I'm constantly searching job boards like Xing to find qualified candidates. The Xing Jobs Export extension has been extremely useful for saving time during my research. With a single click, I can export all of the results from a search directly into an Excel file. This allows me to easily keep track of openings, share listings with my team, and reach back out to interested applicants. The clean layout of the exported data preserves all of the important details from each job post. This extension has become an essential part of my talent sourcing process.

testimonial John Recruiter

As a career coach supporting professionals in their job searches, staying on top of all the latest opportunities is key. The Xing Jobs Export extension has been a real time-saver for compiling lists of relevant roles for my clients. Instead of manually copying all listings one by one, I'm now able to export search results directly into formatted CSV files with just one click. This lets me efficiently filter, organize and share tailored lists of openings with job seekers. I appreciate how quickly and neatly it captures all search criteria and listing data. This Chrome extension effectively streamlines an integral part of my process for helping clients advance their careers.

testimonial Sara Career Coach

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